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Like who?

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Eli Lilly & Co Heroin Tablets, ca 1890s.

Need My Fix


“Well well well… Miss me already?” Jim’s voice was saccharine sweet as it flowed through from the other end of the phone. He thought for a moment. “Very well. I’ll give you six doses of the same if you do one little favor for me. How about it?”

A small shudder at the tone of the other’s voice slunk it’s way up Sherlock’s spine. Sighing, he closed his eyes. “…fine.” He answered, after a few moments of careful thinking. He knew the man was very, very far from harmless, but a small favour couldn’t hurt, right?

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#Need My Fix

Need My Fix

Muddling over his thoughts, Sherlock laid on his sofa, staring up at the ceiling. He’d been debating whether or not to call Jim Moriarty, the man who’d offered him his fix, what he needed, but without a proper asking price. He had been trying to gather his thoughts, trying to guess at what Moriarty could want - money, blood, sex - anything Sherlock thought of, beyond money, seemed a bit out of his comfort zone. Though, he needed it.

Picking up his phone, he dialed the number and sighed as he waited for the sinister man to answer.


Jim gave his unsettling adder’s grin and finished his drink in a smooth gulp. “Very well. Here’s my card.” He slid it across the glass coffee table and leaned back against the couch. “Now get out.”

Picking up the card, Sherlock stood and then sighed. “Very well, indeed. I’ll catch you later, Mr. Moriarty.” Pushing his hands into his pockets, Sherlock left, fingers playing over the card in his pocket.

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Jim takes a long moment to sip at his drink and to appear to think this question over. “I promised the first hit was free… but payment will be taken in any form I need that day. If you ever dislike my methods. You’re more than welcome to walk away at any time.”

He hid a smile behind his glass, knowing that was a blatant lie. 

Narrowing his eyes, Sherlock hummed slightly and then closed his eyes, shrugging. “Very well.” He knew it was a stupid idea to agree, but there wasn’t much Moriarty could do to him, anyway. The worst he could do is take money or perhaps have someone rough him up.